Lancer: moins de puissance !

Extrait d'une page du site Sexyloops, issu du chapitre "Beginners". Dommage que ce soit aussi compliqué à lire.

False Casting

OK, you've made a few pick-up and lay-down casts. Now it's time to keep the line in the air. The way to do this is to cast backwards and forwards in a narrow arc, allowing the loop to straighten out both behind and in front.

The important thing here is to be aware of the amount of hand movement and force that you are applying. I am looking (and so should you) for the minimum amount necessary of each. I am very conscious that my hand hardly moves for this exercise. The amount of effort you actually require to cast 10 yards of line is very slight indeed.

Every single person I teach initially applies too much power. This applies equally to beginners, intermediate and advanced casters. Even trainee instructors!

This is how it works.
You cast.
I say: 'Less power.'
You cast with less power and say, 'Ah, yes, now I see.... much better. Thank you.'
I say: 'Less power.'
You say, 'Less???'
I say, 'Yep.'
So you cast with less power and say, 'Wow, fantastic NOW I have it!!'
I say: 'Less power.'
You say, 'No, not possible. Definitely can't do less.'
I say: 'Yep, you definitely can.'

Anyway this goes on for a while. I have the routine down to a tee. So when you practice this go through it in your mind.

I can assure you that by the end you will still be applying too much power!

Minimum power

Try and cast the loop so that it doesn't straighten! Then stop with a slightly crisper movement and you should have it.

If the line collides with the tip of the rod when false casting, then you are in the right ballpark. So this is actually a good sign! In order to overcome this problem, try coming slightly downwards with your hand during the forward cast.

Flycasting feeling

The main reason for me introducing false casting so early, is that it gives the 'fly-casting feeling'. Every time you stop the rod it should 'bounce' in your hand. This bounce is the unloading of the stored energy. If you are not getting this feeling then you are either holding the rod too tightly, or not using it effectively. Go and search for this feeling and once you have found it hang on to it! You want to get it every single time you stop the rod.

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